Holiday Ordering Info

Greetings Orca Members and Community!

If you have been a consumer out in the world in the last few months you may have noticed chronic supply shortages in everything from your favorite coffee ingredients to vinyl records. That’s because Covid-19 is still having a huge impact not only on the health of our planet, but supply chains (Read more about it here:

The book industry is no different and has a very complicated supply chain, with most books printed overseas. Our distributors have given us a fair warning that these impacts are already being felt industry wide, and current special orders may take longer than usual to fulfill. We’ve seen this with a lot of newly published titles taking longer than normal to reach our warehouses.

If you are looking forward to the release of a title, we encourage you to pre-order copies with us. If you are thinking about ordering for the holiday season, consider making those choices sooner rather than later, as shopping in December will likely result in very late deliveries and unhappy shoppers. 

Please be patient with us and we will do our best to ensure you get the best customer care possible :)


The most recent update from our distributors encourages customers to place their orders by December 13th for holiday delivery. We encourge customers to order before this date as this is a soft deadline provided by our distributors and may change as we move through the holiday season. Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Read all that? Ready to order? Here's a lil guide:


(A Brief Guide)

1) The search results show what we can order from our distributors, and is not a live link to titles we currently have in stock. Please call to see about current in store stock options.
2) If a search shows that an item is available, that means that our distributors have access to it. Sometimes it shows books that are out of stock, because they may be restocked soon, or about to be published. Sometimes, however, they are simply out of stock.
3) We will contact you before we fulfill your order with more up to date information about the titles you are looking for if we are unable to get them through our distributors.
4) We order twice weekly from two warehouses: our primary in Oregon, and our secondary in Tennessee. If your title is in Tennessee, due to ongoing USPS shipping delays, it may take up to two weeks to ship to our store. If you are working with a strict timeline, please don't hesitate to call for more accurate information.