Science Cafe at Orca Books: Using Art to Explain the Carbon Cycle

When:  7:00 PM, Tuesday, 13 September 2016
Where:  Orca Books (509 East 4th Avenue, Olympia, Phone 360.352.0123)

Our December Topic Is:  The Art of Explaining Science
    This season of Science Cafe of Olympia kicks off with a slightly different kind of program.  Our guest presenters are four artists who are collaborating on educational pieces that illustrate and illuminate the carbon cycle.  The carbon cycle is a natural process that is the source of all food, replenishes the air we breathe and helps stabilized the earth's temperature.  Although very important, it's surprisingly not well known.

    Join us for an entertaining evening all about the carbon cycle.  Rachel Lodge will show and discuss her carbon animation videos.  Pam Sinclair Nixon will display journal art inspired by the carbon atom.  Pat Wald and Heather Taylor Zimmerman will demonstrate the use of graphic recording to explain the carbon cycle.  You'll see why art is particularly good for communicating the complex systems of the natural world and processes that are invisible to the eye.

About the speakers:

    Rachel Lodge is an artist and strategic communicator who has been experimenting with animation.  She has a background in public policy and programs for for children and low incomes families.
    Pam Sinclair Nixon is an art instructor and ceramics artist.  She is owner of Urns Through Time, where she produces a lilne of handmade ceramic urns.
    Pat Wald has a Master of Fine Arts and a K-12 teaching certificate from the UW.  She recently retired after 17 years as curriculum designer for the Hands on Children's Museum.
    Heather Taylor Zimmerman is a professional artist and a muralist.  She is currently getting her doctoral degree in archetypal psychology.  She has trained and worked as a graphic recorder.
Science Cafe of Olympia meets each month on the second Tuesday.  It provides an informal atmosphere where people with and without scientific background can meet to deepen their understanding on interesting topics in science and technology.  After a presentation by an expert in the field, the meetings are opened for discussion.  Science Cafes are found nationwide and are loosely affiliated with the U.K.- based Cafe Scientifique, an international organization promoting public engagement with science.

Some of the organizers of the Science Cafe of  Olympia are affiliated with the Puget Sound Chapter of the American Chemical Society.

Send us your comments and suggestions on topics, speakers and how we can improve out meetings.  Feel free to pass this notice on to like-minded friends.

Event date: 
Tuesday, September 13, 2016 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
509 E 4th Ave
Olympia, WA 98501
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