Friday, November 13th, 7:00pm -- Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund and Joseph Varley: Understanding and Compassion for Our Aging Parents

Orca Books is delighted to welcome Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund to the store on this November evening. Maria will be joined by Joseph Varley to discuss her new book, "Last Adventure of Life: Inspiring Approaches to Living and Dying".

The Last Adventure of Life provides an inspiring resource for anyong seeking to gain a spiritual perspective on life and death, whether they are grieving, caring for a loved one who has a life-threatening illness, or facing the prospect of death themselves. This collection of writings, compiles by a long-time hospice counselor and transformational healer, assists us in viewing the experience of death as one of beauty, sacredness, and transformation. Encompassing a wide range of religious and spiritual suggestions, inspirational stories, resources, poetry and prayers, Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund's compassionately written and loving words provide a comforting and enlightening treasury of hope and healing.

Rabbi Schachter-Shalomi has said this about Maria's book: "Maria Dancing Heart is a great help to open us to come to terms with our mortality and at the same time she helps remove the sting from Death. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross once had a patient who said to her 'I want to live through my dying.' Anyone who shares that sentiment will find THE LAST ADVENTURE OF LIFE a way to expand their consciousness and to prepare for that moment."

Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund is an author, transformational (energy) healer, U.C.C. Minister, spiritual counselor, and end-of-life coach who honors the body-mind-spirit holistic approach. She now works primarily with the Japanese who visit Sedona. Her books, THE LAST ADVENTURE OF LIFE and The Most Important Day of Your Life: Are You Ready? are inspirational resource books, unique works that bring together material from all walks of life. They are assisting people who desire to face the end-of-life -- and all kinds of change -- with courage, grace, and hope. Many spiritual traditions are represented in them. Maria shares from her rich experience with hospice, that has opened up her own spiritual life. She was born and raised in Japan, so she has an expansive, multi-cultural perspective. Maria is also bi-lingual. Anyone facing death, grief, or a transition of some kind would find her books and resources helpful. One of Maria's passions is the body-mind-spirit healing modalities. She has developed a line of gift baskets called "Soul Baskets" - or Love & Comfort Japanese-style Bundles - incorporating tools for healing and relaxation from the last chapter of her book. Maria considers herself a bridge builder who encourages more joy and awareness around living and dying. Her books will help you bring death back to life, and help you see the sacredness & beauty of death! She also writes for as their National Transitions & Grief Examiner. See her websites for more:,,, and http: // Maria has presented her work at many hospices, hospitals, churches, and bookstores, especially along the West Coast - in Washington, Oregon, and California. Since moving to the Sedona area in 2011, she has spoken at some Unity churches, and the Sedona, Cottonwood and Page Libraries.

For the last 12 years Joseph has been a radio host with KLAY AM Talk Radio Seattle/Tacoma. He has studied what happens when you die and has had some of the top people in that field on to interview. He has also been a caregiver to his mother, Angeline Varley, for 20 years which is why he came up with the title, Living Well and Caring for Our Aging Parents. After having his colleague and friend MARIA DANCING HEART on the last adventure of life and Caroline Hope who has been A HOME HEALTHCARE NURSE FOR 50 YEARS who am proud to call friend. When all the dust clears, it's about love, forgiveness, and what you have done for others! We really are “brothers keepers”; we are all in this together.

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Friday, November 13, 2015 - 7:00pm
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509 E 4th Ave
Olympia, WA 98501
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