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A journey of dark whimsy, a hybrid of heist and political intrigue in the heart of a multicultural Old Europe imploding from a civil war within the Catholic Church.

Black Iron, by Franklin Veaux & Eve Rickert

Since the end of book series like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (Douglas Adams) and the Discworld books (Terry Pratchett), there has been a void of ha-ha-only-serious comedic writings that are social commentary disguised as fantastical, over-the-top stories. Into that void steps Black Iron, a humorous story set in an alternate 19th century London where there’s no Queen Victoria, no British Empire, and the British don’t drink tea...but they do construct undead golems. The novel is written in a style that’s two parts comedy, one part fantasy, and one part critique of modern society.

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Franklin Veaux has a lot on his mind. He writes about everything from relationship ethics to transhumanism to computer security. He's been a Quora Top
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ISBN: 9781944934651
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Published: Thorntree Press - October 26th, 2018