China Faith Star reading on February 18

The Trance Scribed, a document of imaginary dreams, is a body of writing straddling the line between poetry and prose, dream diary and fiction, biography and invocation. China is calling to us through her writing from a channelled residency in both past and future, entreating the reader to be removed from their waking connection to life and instead take residency in the world of imagination.  It is written like a letter from a parallel universe, one where we are at once the YOU and I in the present. Intimate and self reflective the writing explores the liminal spaces between sleep and waking life, the oracle of life interruptions, chirping birds, memory unwrapped by the touch of a stranger, the soft gaze of freshly awoken eyes or those just passing into sleep.  It is intoxicating and sensual, entrancing in it’s use of short phrases and repetition, hypnotic but also approachable. One reviewer describes it as being “draw down a hall of mysterious lunar energies, like being on a Tinder date with Anais Nin and Italo Calvino.”

The author, China Faith Star is an interdisciplinary artist interweaving the realms of visual art music and traditional poetics. Born in Los Angeles, California to Acid Punk Flower Children and raised across landscapes from beach bum canyons to Hollywood soirees to gang afflicted ghettos to artist communes, China’s childhood read much like a work by Francesca Lia Block, imploring her to find solace in her power to daydream. Her relationship to the world grows out of a utopian vision of potentiality, an unwavering belief in our ability as a human race to evolve into a more peaceful and transcendent people by opening ourselves up to the absurd, the temporality of the eternal, the spaces in between the world we see when we look into the mirror or into the eyes of another. China resides in Olympia, WA with her daughter, partner and little dog too, where she enjoys practicing magic and alchemy from her studio in the historic Capitol Theater building.

Event date: 
Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 6:00pm
Event address: 
509 E 4th Ave
Olympia, WA 98501