Alternative Matter: Art Exhibition Opening Reception at Desuetude Art Gallery



Come to Desuetude Art Gallery and celebrate the kick-off art show for Alternative Matter, a two-month series of events that encircle and expand upon the art of the process, and the printed form.
Featuring the work of 
Sharona Franklin / Grace Rosario / Luke Forsyth / Alex Patrick Dyck / Ryan Peace On The Sun / David Strother
Curated by Olga Mikolaivna and Isa Radojcic

Collaboratively conceived and curated by Orca Books Co-op, Desuetude Art Gallery and The 3rd Thing Press, these weekly events are an exercise in creating a culture of necessary alternatives.

Alternative Matter

Decontextualizing (in)form(ation)

Quick speeds, quick reads, tweets, soundbytes and blurbs scurry across pages and our line of sight. In the contemporary context of the United States, mass media is the prevailing modality for dispersing vast quantities of information in what is largely considered "The Information Age". The scope and process of information delivery leaves much to be desired in terms of holistic content, background / story context, alternative voices, and art. The canon of literature and art is therefore exclusionary and inaccessible to many, neglecting the narratives of a rising majority of the U.S. population. The act of fragmenting communities and culture through pervading narratives of emergency and exclusion creates a fragmented people lacking a process of distinction, missing a process of building an entity.

Through the form of printed matter, these artists explore, contemplate, and critique the practicality of messages by breaking binaries and expectations. To create alternatives to the existing monologues: to scorn the canon, to forge mass media, to obliterate fracture. Is it possible to defragment social matter? And if so, what methods and modalities of literature and information are used for such an endeavor? We pose these questions only to encounter more questions within the written forms. What role do visual printed forms play? What makes a book and who reads it? Whose voice is centered, and whose is looked over? How does one create culture and community?

This exhibition coincides with a process-oriented collaboration with Orca Books and The 3rd Thing Press, encircling books, prints, readings, gatherings, and lectures in order to puncture pandemic culture and the dispersal of printed matter. Featuring the works and processes of Francesca Coppola, Bryce Peterson, Ashley Corbett Williams, Vito Valera, Marilyn Freeman, Jennifer Calkins, Melissa Bennett, Lindsey Boldt, Sam Lohmann, Miranda Mellis, Steven Hendricks and his Book Arts Students, Mariana Harvey, Itsa Shash and Olga Mikolaivna.


Sharona Franklin b.1987 is a Vancouver based multi-disciplinary artist, writer and activist who has exhibited both locally and internationally. Franklin’s work disseminates a personal mythology of disability, gender, class, bio-citizenship, and botany. Their practice encapsulates a range of forms that includes but is not limited to writing, visual poetry, photography, performance, painting, sculpture and installation. Each successive project is reflexive to propaganda, transhumanism and bioethics, and works to expand contemporary interpretations of genetic engineering, the realities of pharmacological dependency, and social interdependence.

Luke Forsyth ( born ‘82 ) is a painter and illustrator that lives and works in Los Angeles, California. He includes playful drawn elements into his work and enjoys using many types of drawing medium. His practice draws inspiration from art history and the everyday with subjects ranging from domestic interiors to expansive sweeping landscapes. Forsyth’s recent exhibitions include group shows “Through-line: Drawing and Weaving “ at Steve Turner Gallery in Los Angles (2018), “Future Ruins” at CalArts, Valencia, CA (2019). In addition to his upcoming solo show “Flowers on Black” at Esqueleto, Los Angeles (2020).

Alex Patrick Dyck is a multimedia poet and splosh artist; a romantic hoarder of sentimental trash and trampled roses, an altar builder, and a memory gatherer. Alex has self-published two books of poems, curated 12 immersive exhibitions and shown in NYC, California, Miami, Maine, India and Tokyo. They live and work in Upstate New York on occupied Mohican land.

Ryan Peace On The Sun is a Sacramento born multi-media artist whose 2-D work is realized through a combination of drawing, pointillism, screen printing, and xerox copies. Energetic and sometimes scattered scenes of lush surrealist illustration create realms of self reflection framed in deconstructed poems by the artist.

David Strother & Grace Rosario : for whom nothing needs to be said.


Orca Books Co-op

Orca Books Co-op is the largest independent bookstore in Olympia and is dedicated to providing our community with an affordable and curated selection of used, new, and out-of-print books in a safe, alternative, and welcoming space. Orca Books Co-op is in the process of transitioning into a cooperative. Through this process, Orca Books Co-op will be worker-run and owned by its community. 

The 3rd Thing Press

The 3rd Thing is an independent press dedicated to publishing necessary alternatives. Each year we produce a suite of projects that represents our interdisciplinary, intersectional priorities in terms of form, content and perspective. We think of these projects as a cohort in conversation with one another and readers, contributing to our larger endeavor to create not just beautiful books, but culture. 

Desuetude Art Gallery

Desuetude is an art gallery and meeting space dedicated to art, performance and expressive poetics. Desuetude strives to share the works of artists throughout the country, as well as curating Olympia-based artists and poets. We are interested in promoting interdisciplinary narratives in printed, 2-D, utilitarian, and installation formats. 


Event date: 
Saturday, January 11, 2020 - 5:00pm to 7:30pm
Event address: 
200 Thurston Ave
Olympia, WA 98501
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