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Many of us spend our days feeling like we're the only one with problems, while everyone else has their act together. But the sooner we realize that everyone struggles like we do, the sooner we can show grace to ourselves and others.

Now in paperback, Low Anthropology offers a liberating view of human nature, sin, and grace. Popular author and theologian David Zahl shows why the good news of Christianity is both urgent and appealing. By embracing a more accurate view of human beings, readers will discover a true and lasting hope.

"[This] fresh and unexpectedly positive take on sin and pride makes for a lighthearted yet high-minded exploration of failure's ability to serve as a gateway to grace. Readers will find this a balm."
--Publishers Weekly

"I know of few people better equipped to cut through the religious noise of our day than David Zahl."
--Mike Cosper, author and director of podcasts at Christianity Today

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ISBN-13: 9781493438655
Publisher: Brazos Press
Publication Date: September 12th, 2022