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First published in 1896, Charles Monroe Sheldon’s “In His Steps” is a classic of Christian literature whose premise centers on the idea of emulating Christ in one’s everyday life. The story concerns the lives of the residents of the fictional railroad town of Raymond, located somewhere in the Northeastern United States. When an out of work man, Jack Manning, appeals for help from Reverend Henry Maxwell, pastor of the first church of Raymond, and later collapses and dies in front of his congregation, because the Reverend refuses to help the man, Henry is forced to reexamine his life. Following the incident, Henry begins to preach to his congregation the following message: “Do not do anything without first asking, ‘What would Jesus do?’” This simple maxim, which becomes the guiding message of the novel, creates a profound way of looking at life when confronted with both common and morally challenging dilemmas. By asking how would Jesus respond in a particular situation, an individual can hope to gain a greater insight into living a more pious life. Christians will find “In His Steps” a compelling narrative illustrating this concept.