Orca Books Co-op Information

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Orca Books has been an important fixture of the Olympia community for 26 years, when it was started by the current owner Linda Berentsen. After almost 30 years of running the bookstore,  Linda is moving into retirement. The workers are trying to raise $150,000 by April 1st, 2020 in order to purchase the business from Linda so that we can keep the store open, and transition into a worker-run, member-owned cooperative business model. Members will receive discounted prices on all goods in the store, as well as voting rights to elect the Board of Directors which will provide financial oversight for the co-op. Forming a cooperative will enable us to continue providing affordable, quality books to the Olympia community while supporting our staff with secure and fulfilling jobs … and providing a loving home for everybody’s favorite shop cat, Orlando.


If you want to help us stay afloat but don't want to become a member, please make a donation at our GoFundMe page. -- Sharing it is super helpful too!

For more information about this campaign, and how you can help us with the transition into a cooperative, please email us at co-op@orcabooks.com, give us a call at (360) 352-0123 , or drop by the store and talk with us about it in person!