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You have requested me, my dear friend, to bestow some of that leisure, with whichProvidence has blessed the decline of my life, in registering the hazards and difficultieswhich attended its commencement. The recollection of those adventures, as you arepleased to term them, has indeed left upon my mind a chequered and varied feeling ofpleasure and of pain, mingled, I trust, with no slight gratitude and veneration to theDisposer of human events, who guided my early course through much risk and labour, thatthe ease with which he has blessed my prolonged life might seem softer from remembranceand contrast. Neither is it possible for me to doubt, what you have often affirmed, that theincidents which befell me among a people singularly primitive in their government andmanners, have something interesting and attractive for those who love to hear an old man'sstories of a past age.Still, however, you must remember, that the tale told by one friend, and listened to byanother, loses half its charms when committed to paper; and that the narratives to whichyou have attended with interest, as heard from the voice of him to whom they occurred, will appear less deserving of attention when perused in the seclusion of your study. Butyour greener age and robust constitution promise longer life than will, in all humanprobability, be the lot of your friend. Throw, then, these sheets into some secret drawer ofyour escritoire till we are separated from each other's society by an event which mayhappen at any moment, and which must happen within the course of a few-a very fewyears. When we are parted in this world, to meet, I hope, in a better, you will, I am wellaware, cherish more than it deserves the memory of your departed friend, and will find inthose details which I am now to commit to paper, matter for melancholy, but notunpleasing reflection. Others bequeath to the confidants of their bosom portraits of theirexternal features-I put into your hands a faithful transcript of my thoughts and feelings, ofmy virtues and of my failings, with the assured hope, that the follies and headstrongimpetuosity of my youth will meet the same kind construction and forgiveness which haveso often attended the faults of my matured age.

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