The North Factor: Chrome Mountain Saga, Book 2 (Paperback)

The North Factor: Chrome Mountain Saga, Book 2 By Ben Schneider Cover Image
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During a pause in her road trip, Sonya Radisson is captured and taken to a corrupt mental asylum-where the staff believes she is someone else. The plot turns dark and edgy as Sonya falls prey to criminal intents, but deftly holds it together around other inmates, all battling their own personal demons. On the night Sonya's new friend, Judy Hoyt, is set free by a vigilante biker team, Judy persuades the crew, aka the Night Mares, to bust Sonya out, too. After days of evading ruthless bikers and high-tech mercenaries, Sonya learns Mitch Sumner was behind her abduction. Mitch is a Scythe crime leader in search of his father, Levi North-a former crime boss, and Sonya's most troublesome ex. With aid from the Night Mares MC and their secret FBI ally, Sonya makes plans to serve cold justice to Mitch-and possibly ruin the entire Scythe organization.After years of reading thriller/sci-fi film novelizations and taking notes, Ben Schneider acquired the unique ability to put film-worthy action scenes directly into the minds of readers. This fast-moving thriller, set in the near future, is filled with sinister motives, diabolical plots, and features a moral heroine who keeps readers wanting more of her adventures. Fans of suspense, humor, justice, God, and over-the-top action will appreciate The North Factor.

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ISBN: 9781977248930
ISBN-10: 1977248934
Publisher: Outskirts Press
Publication Date: December 19th, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English