Cherubim's Call (Paperback)

Cherubim's Call By Tc Manning, James Rosone, Tom Edwards (Cover Design by) Cover Image
By Tc Manning, James Rosone, Tom Edwards (Cover Design by)
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On a faraway planet...

...a war brewed that threatened humanity.

Would three fresh recruits make a difference?

Harrison picked the military life for one reason; he wanted to see the galaxy. The lure of the Republic Army and traveling through space to find a future for humanity seemed like the best adventure he could imagine.

Everything changed when the war began.

Would he be ready?

Oliver was born into the dying high society of London-a society he desperately wanted to escape. His battle buddy Aiden was a thief looking for a second chance. Harrison, Oliver and Aiden couldn't have been any more different...yet in the fires of bootcamp, they would all be forged into one cohesive force.

Now, with their feet barely on the ground of New Eden...

...the first patrol was going to alter their lives forever.

As the battle began, the truth of what these three civilians, turned soldiers, signed up for came to light. It was going to be brutal. They would be tested: physically, emotionally, and mentally. The desperate fight for survival would threaten to consume their very being.

The Galactic War just got real.

They had a major role to play.

You'll love the first book of this late 21st century epic space military thriller because it looks at the story of the Rise of the Republic from a whole different perspective.

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ISBN: 9781957634005
ISBN-10: 1957634006
Publisher: Front Line Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2022
Pages: 314
Language: English