K-9 Heroes (Paperback)

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Three loyal dogs. A merciless war. When the thirsty desert craves their humans' blood, can these brave K-9s save their partners lives?

Guinness may be the runt of the litter, but she scoffs at being a pet. So when her siblings join their forever homes, she can't wait to enlist and risk her tail for her country.

Butter loves treats, cherishes her trainer, and is proud of her job. But an errant bullet ends her career and changes her life.

Viper lives to serve. The army is his life and his home. But war is unforgiving, and old dogs don't last long in the desert.

Can these brave K-9s dodge the sea of mines and outwit death, or will they pay with their lives?

If you like heartwarming stories and undaunted heroes who won't quit, you'll love Rada Jones's K-9 HEROES, where brave dogs perform daring deeds and live to tell their tales. And if the dog's memoirs are fictional, their heroism is only too real.

Get K-9 HEROES today to read THREE dog stories and meet Guinness, the German Shepherd, Butter, the Labrador, and Viper, the Malinois. You'll laugh, cry, and finally understand what your dog says behind your back.

Content warning: K-9 HEROES include graphic fight scenes that may not suit young children or those scarred by wars.

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ISBN: 9781955949057
ISBN-10: 1955949050
Publisher: Apolodor
Publication Date: July 3rd, 2022
Pages: 476
Language: English