BattleTech Legends: A Call to Arms (Paperback)

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Months have passed since the interplanetary communications net was destroyed, isolating planets across the Republic of the Sphere and beyond. Achernar is one of the few worlds that still possesses a working Hyperpulse Generator Station, a device that enables communications across the galaxy-and a highly sought-after prize for the splintering factions of the Republic...

After failing to qualify as an active MechWarrior, Raul Ortega finds solace in the Republic's military reserves on Archenar, and dreams of the day he might know the adventure and glory of real combat. The planet's Republic-loyal forces are supported by a loose alliance with the Swordsworn, a faction pledged to House Davion-whose leaders have an agenda all their own.

When the planet falls under siege by yet another splinter group, the Steel Wolves, who are intent on capturing the HPG station, Raul is called up to active duty. But when the Swordsworn desert Archenar in its time of need, Raul discovers there's little honor in the subtle schemes of treachery and the brutal realities of war...

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ISBN: 9781947335745
ISBN-10: 194733574X
Publisher: Inmediares Productions
Publication Date: March 11th, 2021
Pages: 296
Language: English