Success in the Year of the Tiger: Chinese Zodiac Horoscope 2022 (Paperback)

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Do you want to take control and profit from the positive energy of 2022's Year of the Tiger?

On the 1st of February 2022, the Chinese Year of the Tiger roars into life. All Tiger years are regarded as fortunate, but this is no regular Tiger year as 2022 is the year of the magnificent Black Water Tiger - a rare Tiger that has not visited the world since 1962.

After the continuing difficulties that followed in the wake of the pandemic, as witnessed by 2021's Year of the Ox, the Black Tiger has come to heal old wounds and lead the way to a brighter, more exciting future. When you understand what to expect from the next 12 months, you can develop your own personal strategy to make the most of the positive conditions. You will have the tools you need to create a brand-new future and make your dreams come true.

> Discover what opportunities 2022 has in store for you by understanding your sign's strengths and weaknesses.

> Learn how to avoid the risks of 2022 and build your own individual blueprint for success and contentment.

> Understand how to find your perfect partner, plus the secrets of prosperity for your sign.

> Dig deeper. Your astrological persona is more than just your birth year - it is based on your birth month and time of birth. Learn more and achieve more

> Gain knowledge of the months, numbers, colours, and elements that can help bring you luck.

> Recognise how the Western and Eastern zodiacs come together to create your unique personality.

> Share the knowledge of this book with friends and family to reveal their Successes in the Year of the Tiger.

Note: This book is part of the Chinese Horoscope series by Linda Dearsley and contains original content specific to 2022's Year of the Tiger. Some elements, however, such as the origins of the Chinese Horoscope and the nature of inter-zodiac associations, for example, can also be found in previous editions from the series.

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