The Final Prophet: Proof of the Prophethood of Muhammad (Paperback)

The Final Prophet: Proof of the Prophethood of Muhammad By Mohammad Elshinawy Cover Image
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FOURTEEN CENTURIES AGO, the final revelation descended upon Muhammad (PBUH). This message, Islam, spread rapidly across Arabia to nearby lands, and across the world. Today, over a billion people believe in and follow his message. But who was Muhammad (PBUH) and how can we develop certainty that he was the true messenger of God?
In this book, Sh. Mohammad Elshinawy shares the multitude of proof surrounding Muhammad's  prophethood. There are abundant comprehensive rational pathways that lead to this one certain conclusion: Muhammad (PBUH) was indeed the final messenger of God to this world.

About the Author

Mohammad Elshinawy graduated in English Literature from Brooklyn College and Islamic Studies from Mishkah University. He is the Religious Director of Jesus Son of Mary Mosque (Pennsylvania), Research Fellow at Yaqeen Institute and Instructor at Mishkah University.

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ISBN: 9781847742070
ISBN-10: 1847742076
Publisher: Kube Publishing Ltd
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 230
Language: English