The Choice Is Yours: Revolutionary Revelations (Paperback)

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The Choice is Yours reveals the meaning of grace and several other commonly misunderstood scriptures. It examines two sides of life in line with the options of choice which God has given to man. This is a book of rare knowledge, but not as a result of scholarship or conjecture. Rather, it is a testimony of the teaching of the Holy Spirit - a departure from the age-long presumptions which have since been accepted in Christianity as the gospel truth. The first shocking disclosure is that the grace of God has no affinity with any word which was applicable to man before the advent of Jesus Christ. Author Danson Enogiomwan Ubebe suggests that it is neither an unmeritted favour, nor ordinary power. Ubebe continues to offer a vivid account of the biblical truth in respect of eternal faith, the prosperity of man and the declaration that it is appointed for man to die once. It equally unveils the inner man, or the real personality, in the union of body, spirit and soul. Each article reveals knowledge of the truth, provoking those who seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Ubebe's objective is to offer to all a platform to self-teach and self-evaluate your personal standing with God. He then provides a resource which can then be used to teach and preach the gospel of grace and provoke research in the study of theology. The Choice is Yours is a fascinating read for anyone with faith, who is interested in Christianity.

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ISBN: 9781783064212
ISBN-10: 1783064218
Publisher: Troubador Publishing
Publication Date: June 9th, 2014
Pages: 312
Language: English