There Goes The Neighborhood (Paperback)

There Goes The Neighborhood By S. Reed Cover Image
By S. Reed
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They say there are only five kinds of alien contact...

But what if there is a sixth kind?

Befriending one...

Poppy Field Lane is the place to be in the '90s. It's a quiet,

affluent New York suburb filled with a few eccentric

residents. One, in particular, Ignatius Feltrap.

Ignatius doesn't abide by the snobbish rules of her clich cul

de sac, but when she stumbles upon the secret of a lifetime

while walking on the beach... her life is thrown

for an out of this world loop.

Turns out, extra-terrestrials are real.

Enter V son, a sassy alien on the run from their home planet.

V on has blended in for years, while trying to evade capture

from their own evil government along with Earth's mysterious

agency until, of course, Ignatius and her trusty Labrador,

Alfie, blunder upon them. It doesn't take long for a once

in a lifetime friendship to form, and Ignatius vows

to protect V son at any cost.

Can they solve the mystery of Ignatius's late husband's death

before the alien government and Earth's top-secret one find

where V son is? And more importantly; can they do it

before the annual Neighborhood Christmas Fete...

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ISBN: 9781737767985
ISBN-10: 1737767988
Publisher: Lake Country Press & Review
Publication Date: April 26th, 2022
Pages: 258
Language: English