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In a decade, Dan, Evan, and Bullseye will meet. It's a different world, with our country on the verge of collapse. Years of promises by Congress to give everything to everyone have to be paid for. The citizenry is taxed to the max and riots break out cross country as a reaction to no jobs, no hope. Newly elected President Dan Crowley, who cares more about rescuing the country than personal gain, sequesters a bunch of smart folks at Camp David for desperate brainstorming to solve the budget problem and save the union. Three red-eyed days later, a reserved Cabinet member recommends shyly, "why not sell Montana?" Snickers ensue until President Crowley writes one word on his electronic board: "Sovereignty " What if the government seized Montana and sold it to a sovereign people group with an established heritage and resources, but no homeland? "Like the Christian Kurds in Iran and Iraq. Israel would likely pay a few trillion to help the Palestinians find a home, right?" The President commissions committees to study the feasibility in rapid fashion. He declares the best chance at saving the country is to sell Montana Word leaks out and Bullseye Magee, a Montana rancher, tourist-trap-operator, and hunting guide who is as attractive as she is cunning, but uses both to hide a dark past, is at the center of it all, and kicks up a secession movement, recruiting the Governor, militias and rich transplanted ranchers. Her mixed loyalties as hunting guide to the Vice President and his DC pals could make her choices confusing, but Bullseye always takes care of herself first. Evan Morris, a seasoned guy with movie-star good looks, mostly because he was a movie star before time and Hollywood pushed him aside, finds himself drafted into the secession revolution despite paper-thin convictions.Their lives collide right about the time the first Autonomous Flying Car takes off and the economy crashes. A series of subplots launch, including attempts to steal herds of wild animals and other resources from the state, while our country turns inside out, spinning toward an unlikely ending Politics in DC and Montana, the crush of overspending by Congress over the decades, diamond mines and militia meetings all play roles in the struggle as the president decides if the best way to save the other 49 states is to Sell Montana

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ISBN: 9781735527109
ISBN-10: 1735527106
Publisher: Harpeth Corner
Publication Date: October 10th, 2020
Pages: 336
Language: English