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The book is about holy God and devil . It describes thorough and in-depth reality of our world, even so it is a fiction story, but it show's substantial shadowy tone . Hidden thoughts of humanity and Satan, they always say what they are not suppose to say, or do what they should never done . The dark side of a bright pure sinless light without knowledge of death, or evil. It demonstrate an experiments of science, and the race in to an unknown to become A god like in search for the never ending life . The sin of birth, and insanity, inverse to moralities as integrity, righteousness, principles of right and wrong of never ending fair game of life . They are incapable to create and at the same time they call them-self creators .The colorful side of a devotional association was disagree with governmental rules and regulations towards people. The book portray the world as enemy towards messiah, unthinkable horror of life, which is born and needs protection .In search of it for many years they grow disappointed to see the world around them is not what they wished for . knocking on the door's, walking in and out of the houses they were carrying holy bible with them . Most of the time they were exiting alive and pleased, spending one night in each house they crossed many countries exercising the grand design .

About the Author

I was born in the old soviet union of Russia, city calls Nizhniy Novgorod. My father was a church minister and a teacher at the university, the origin of his ancestry came from the working class of families, he was doing business on the side together with Chinese factories . I was studying philosophy and professional astronomy in the private school, until the age of fifteen .At the age of eighteen i flew to United States of America to study English language and computer science. Since then i was traveling all over the country exploring populated cities and remarkable places of earth, after five years of observation and exploration i draw a line making a conclusion .To my big surprise forty eight states of Northern America were not as immense as many people would think of it .

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ISBN: 9781663217561
ISBN-10: 1663217564
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: June 15th, 2021
Pages: 186
Language: English