Abandoned Pittsburgh: Steel and Shadows (Paperback)

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Pittsburghers are slow to give up their ghosts. Rusted skeletons of industrial mills and rail depots line the rivers, corroded reminders of a city's past forged in steel; churches built in the nineteenth century by devout East European immigrants now stand desanctified and decayed; structures that once epitomized the pinnacles of science, commerce, transportation, and manufacturing are empty reminders of how Pittsburgh earned its name as "The Steel City."
Often named "the most livable city" in the U.S., with a stunning skyline framed by soaring bridges (more than any other city in the world) and its magnificent three rivers, Pittsburgh retains reminders of its historic past that live on beside the gleaming new skyscrapers.
From the steel-plated inferno of Carrie Furnace and Duquesne Steel Works to the holy shadows that inhabit St. Nicholas Croatian Catholic Church, Abandoned Pittsburgh: Steel and Shadows points a lens into these darkened, forgotten places where a haunting beauty still exists.

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ISBN: 9781634990455
ISBN-10: 1634990455
Publisher: America Through Time
Publication Date: March 26th, 2018
Pages: 128
Language: English