From Photographer to Gallery Artist: The Complete Guide to Finding Gallery Representation for Your Fine Art Photography (Paperback)

From Photographer to Gallery Artist: The Complete Guide to Finding Gallery Representation for Your Fine Art Photography Cover Image
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"Anyone can become a fine art photographer, but not everyone can become a gallery-represented artist."

Talent alone will not bring you recognition as a fine art photographer. For that, you need exposure to collectors and museums. Galleries can give you that exposure, but first you need an effective marketing plan to reach the galleries. You will find that plan in From Photographer to Gallery Artist.

Author Kara Lane conducted hundreds of hours of research, and contacted over sixty galleries, to find the best strategies for getting your fine art photography into galleries. Now she is sharing the secrets she discovered with you.

In this complete guide to finding gallery representation, you will learn:

  • The criteria galleries use to evaluate fine art photography
  • Three primary resources for identifying the best galleries for you
  • The tools you need to showcase your images and experience
  • Six major marketing strategies for attracting gallery representation
  • Key issues to discuss with galleries before agreeing to representation
  • How eight famous fine art photographers achieved their success
  • Self-assessment questions to help clarify what you want from your life and art
  • Lists of recommended portfolio review events, art fairs, juried shows and competitions, art magazines and blogs, artist websites, and other resources to help you become a gallery-represented fine art photographer

With your talent, effort, and persistence...and the research and marketing strategies in From Photographer to Gallery can achieve gallery representation

About the Author

Kara Lane is a Problem-Solving Author and CPA. She writes how-to books that help readers solve personal and business problems. Her first four books are The Smart Woman's Guide to Style & Clothing, From Photographer to Gallery Artist, Simoni's Gift, and Wake Up to Powerful Living. Writing a quality book is harder than it looks. Good nonfiction books solve a problem. The content is clear, complete, and concise. The information is specific, not general information that could be found from a Google search. The writing flows well and is informative, actionable, and easy to understand. To ensure her readers are getting the best information possible, she calls on her greatest strengths when writing her books: Research, Analysis, Organization, Communication, and Problem Solving.

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