Budding Lotus in the West: Buddhism from an Immigrant's Feminist Perspective (Hardcover)

Budding Lotus in the West: Buddhism from an Immigrant's Feminist Perspective By Nhi Yến Đỗ Trần Cover Image
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A thought-provoking and critical exploration of Buddhism's adaptation in America from Vietnamese immigrant and debut author Nhi Yến Đỗ Trần.

Born into a family legacy of Buddhist spirituality in Việt Nam, Trần immigrated to the US at age ten. Budding Lotus in the West follows her journey and unveils the complexities of how Buddhist teachings are used in America. With raw authenticity, Trần shares personal anecdotes, weaving together the mosaic of her own experiences with Buddhism, and provides readers with a fundamental understanding of key Buddhist concepts and traditions. Trần examines the interplay between ancient wisdom and contemporary challenges, inviting spiritual seekers and curious minds to engage critically with Buddhism in a way that resonates with contemporary life.

For example, what would the Buddha say about abortion, gun, and LGBTQIA+ rights? Or about prejudice, discrimination, and gender equality? How can practitioners more skillfully navigate romance in the sangha community? Whether you are a longtime Buddhist practitioner or just beginning to explore the religion, Budding Lotus in the West offers a critical examination, providing wisdom, inspiration, and a path toward a more balanced and inclusive understanding of Buddhism in the modern world.

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ISBN: 9781506495149
ISBN-10: 1506495141
Publisher: Broadleaf Books
Publication Date: September 24th, 2024
Pages: 266
Language: English