Functional Surfaces in Biology: Adhesion Related Phenomena Volume 2 (Hardcover)

Functional Surfaces in Biology: Adhesion Related Phenomena Volume 2 By Stanislav N. Gorb (Editor) Cover Image
By Stanislav N. Gorb (Editor)
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Adhesion Enhancement and Reduction in Biological Surfaces.- Adhesion Enhancement.- The Echinoderm Tube Foot and its Role in Temporary Underwater Adhesion.- Mechanisms and Principles Underlying Temporary Adhesion, Surface Exploration and Settlement Site Selection by Barnacle Cyprids: A Short Review.- Alternative Tasks of the Insect Arolium with Special Reference to Hymenoptera.- Organs of Adhesion in Some Mountain-stream Teleosts of India: Structure-Function Relationship.- Surface Characteristics of Locomotor Substrata and Their Relationship to Gekkonid Adhesion: A Case Study of Rhoptropus cf biporosus.- Adhesion Reduction.- Variable Attachment to Plant Surface Waxes by Predatory Insects.- The Waxy Surface in Nepenthes Pitcher Plants: Variability, Adaptive Significance and Developmental Evolution.- Functional Surfaces in the Pitcher of the Carnivorous Plant Nepenthes alata: A Cryo-Sem Approach.

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ISBN: 9781402066948
ISBN-10: 1402066945
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: October 13th, 2009
Pages: 268
Language: English