Chinese Astrology: Deluxe Slipcase Edition (Hardcover)

Chinese Astrology: Deluxe Slipcase Edition By Kay Tom Cover Image
By Kay Tom
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Written by certified Master in Chinese Astrology, Kay Tom, this luxurious silkbound, gold-embossed guide is a wonderful exploration of this unique astrological system, beautifully presented in a decorative slipcase.

People may be familiar with the celebrations around Chinese New Year and how the year is devoted to one of twelve animal zodiacs, but these signs are also combined with a 60-year calendar and the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth to form a fascinating and unique system that gives insight into people's characters and considers how they will be affected during different years of the calendar's cycle.

Drawing on the principles of yin and yang and the Chinese philosophical theory of the three harmonies, this fascinating work is a wonderful introduction to the subject. Beautifully illustrated with exquisite full-color Chinese artworks throughout.

About the Author

Kay Tom graduated as a Chue Style Feng Shui consultant in 1999 and was awarded the title of Master in Chinese Horoscope CH, Yuen Hom Hexagram Feng Shui YHH, and Auspicious Date Selection DS in 2006/2007 by her master, Grand Master Chan Kun Wah. She is passionate about her subject and travels worldwide from her base in the Midlands, UK, in her endeavors to enhance the wellbeing of others through consulting in both the residential and commercial sectors. Kay is a respected authority in her field and writes extensively in a wide range of publications including the Mail Online and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. She is interviewed regularly on radio stations including BBC Radio Leicester, Talk Radio's Badass Women's Hour, and Radio New Zealand. She is a teacher, public speaker, and Chairman of the Chue Foundation. Grand Master Chan belongs to the Chue Lineage that dates to 960AD, the Song Dynasty, through the Imperial Courts of China. The unique quality of Chue is that all knowledge has been gained through the direct word of a master to his student, knowledge that has been previously extensively researched, making Chue Style Feng Shui second to none in both quality and validity.

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ISBN: 9781398830288
ISBN-10: 1398830283
Publisher: Sirius Entertainment
Publication Date: November 7th, 2023
Pages: 160
Language: English