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"Is it okay to say that Rachel Runya Katz's characters are always so hot to me? The slow burn tension between Jade and Nia was off the charts." - Alicia Thompson, USA Today bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

After reconnecting on a road trip, two friends must decide if love is the ultimate risk worth taking in this funny, emotional sapphic romance.

Nia and Jade had been inseparable ever since their best friend, Michal, introduced them at her tenth birthday party. But now it’s been three years since Michal died of cancer— since the brutal fight Nia and Jade had in the weeks after— and they're barely on speaking terms.

Until Nia reads a letter Michal wrote for her 29th birthday, asking her and Jade to go on the southern Jewish history road trip they'd planned before she died. To add to the complications, Michal's then-boyfriend and Jade's twin brother, Jonah, joins the trip. Despite the years apart and Jade and Jonah’s strained relationship, any awkwardness quickly disappears as it becomes clear how much Nia and Jade have missed each other.

Unfortunately, old issues soon arise. Nia has been in love with Jade since they were teenagers, and Jade has been so committed to their friendship that she never let herself consider something more. As the stops pass, tensions mount, running high until Nia and Jade are forced to confront what happened three years ago, their feelings for one another, and even their respective relationships with Jonah.

Rachel Runya Katz’s Whenever You’re Ready is about family, friendship, and the kind of first love that could last a lifetime—if only you are willing to take a chance.

"Poignant, tender, and swoony, Whenever You're Ready is an instant favorite from an auto-buy author." - Alison Cochrun, Lambda award-winning author of Kiss Her Once for Me and Here We Go Again

About the Author

RACHEL RUNYA KATZ is a contemporary romance writer living in Seattle with her partner, her cat, and far too many houseplants. She has a PhD in biomedical engineering, which is minimally helpful for this endeavor. Her books center queer Jews of color and their layered lives of joy, sadness, and love. She is the author of Thank You for Sharing.

Praise For…

"Rachel Runya Katz has done the seemingly impossible with this book: she's written a contemplation on grief, an ode to childhood friendships, a summer road-trip adventure, and a slow-burn sapphic romance all in one. It was an honor to join Jade, Nia, and Jonah on their journey through the history of Jews of color in the South and through their personal history with each other. I fell in love with the beautifully grounded characters, the celebration of queer and Jewish joy, and the oh-so-satisfying romance. Poignant, tender, and swoony, Whenever You're Ready is an instant favorite from an auto-buy author." - Alison Cochrun, Lambda award-winning author of Kiss Her Once for Me and Here We Go Again

"This book is sexitragic at its finest hour. Reader, you aren't ready, nor could you ever possibly be ready, for this level of exquisitely painful, precisely witty, perfectly calibrated hornysadness. Whenever You're Ready will lovingly rip your heart out and set it on fire, then leave you aching to read it all over again from the beginning." - Jen Comfort, author of What Is Love?

"Whenever You're Ready is a deeply felt meditation on the intertwining of grief and love: how both can weave our complicated webs of friendship, family, and romance. Jade, Nia, and Jonah's road trip is a complex journey of personal and cultural history, and the miles they travel bring each of them closer to the courage they need to fully embrace that love, both for each other and themselves, even in the midst of the grief. A moving, singular read." - Anita Kelly, author of Love & Other Disasters

"Is it okay to say that Rachel Runya Katz's characters are always so hot to me? The slow burn tension between Jade and Nia in Whenever You're Ready was off the charts. But more than that, Katz always creates such believable, relatable friend groups, grounded in their relationships with each other and their relationship to the world around them. I adore this author's mind!" - Alicia Thompson, USA Today bestselling author of Love in the Time of Serial Killers

Whenever You're Ready cements Rachel Runya Katz as one of the freshest and most electrifying voices in romance. Nia and Jade’s lived-in intimacy and searing connection will have friends-to-lovers fans swooning. I can’t wait to shove this book into the hands of everyone I know.” - Ava Wilder, author of Will They Or Won't They

Praise for Thank You For Sharing:

"[An] excellent, multilayered look at the experiences of Jews of color in this deftly woven story...Katz successfully portrays how romance meets real life in this terrific debut." - Library Journal (starred review)

"“Katz uses the interesting world of museum curating to introduce a refreshing and unique point of view on finding love and second chances.” - Booklist

"Impossible to put down! A delicious pressure-cooker-style slow burn of a romance, Thank You for Sharing contains the greatest ‘only one bed’ scene I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Not only is the romance delightful, but Rachel Runya Katz handles the complexity of grief and trauma with the tenderest of touches, creating a safe, welcoming space for her characters and readers alike. I have no doubt that readers will fall head over heels for Liyah and Daniel!" - Alexandria Bellefleur, bestselling, Lambda award-winning author of Written in the Stars and The Fiancée Farce

"Rachel Runya Katz's witty, heartfelt debut will transport you back to the lazy days of summer camp crushes and breathless first kisses. Thank You For Sharing combines steamy, electric chemistry with thoughtful social commentary to create an unforgettable love story. This sexy, sweet romance is a delight." - Regina Black, author of The Art of Scandal

"This is a funny, gentle, friends-to-lovers story that lingers in the quiet moments and lets the reader bathe in the romance that burns slow--but oh-so-hot. A perfect read to escape into on a rainy day and be bear-hugged in your feelings places... even if you, like hesitantly thawing heroine Liyah, insist you don't have them." - Jen Comfort, author of The Astronaut and the Star

"Rachel Runya Katz’s Thank You for Sharing is a magical love story. This is a poignant, sharp and sexy romance with the kind of complex, big-hearted characters and emotional honesty readers will adore. I loved it!" - Carley Fortune, New York Times bestselling author of Every Summer After

"Thank You for Sharing is one of those books where someone will get to see themselves reflected on the page for the first time, whether in the complications of being a Jew of color, or the validation of a prickly, proud woman being fully loved for, not in spite of, her prickliness. Daniel and Liyah are both so fully drawn, and their story will stick with me for a long time. I'm so glad it exists." - Anita Kelly, author of Love & Other Disasters

"This book wrapped a fist around my heart and refused to let go. Gorgeously written, with two magnetic leads, an irresistible group of friends, and a warmth that radiates from every page. Rachel Runya Katz is a true talent." - Rachel Lynn Solomon, New York Times bestselling author of The Ex Talk

"I can’t wait for everyone to fall head-over-heels for Thank You For Sharing. Rachel Runya Katz has a sparkling, singular voice: witty, observant, razor-sharp and devastatingly tender. I treasured every moment I spent with Daniel, Liyah, and the rest of the vivid, complex supporting cast. This book is a gift." - Ava Wilder, author of How To Fake It In Hollywood

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ISBN: 9781250888334
ISBN-10: 1250888336
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Publication Date: September 10th, 2024
Pages: 320
Language: English