Heaven and Nature Sing: 25 Advent Reflections to Bring Joy to the World (Hardcover)

Heaven and Nature Sing: 25 Advent Reflections to Bring Joy to the World By Hannah Anderson, Nathan Anderson (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Hannah Anderson, Nathan Anderson (Illustrator)
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“Joy to the world—the Lord has come!”

We sing these words every year, but what does it mean that the Creator came to his creation as a baby? How exactly does the “earth receive her King?”  What does it sound like when rocks, hills, floods, and plains echo his praise? And what would it mean for you to join in the chorus?

Heaven and Nature Sing invites you into a fresh reading of the Christmas story—one where earthy, overlooked things like snowflakes, trees, serpents, bodies, and swaddling bands reveal the glory of the Promised Son. Journeying from the first pages of Scripture to the last, you’ll experience the goodness of our Creator King and learn how the whole earth sings his praise.

So this Advent season, join Hannah Anderson as she guides you through 25 meditations on the natural elements of the Christmas story. Accompanied by Nathan Anderson’s distinctive artwork, the entries gradually move you from hope to faith to joy to peace. Find your soul renewed and your heart restored, and discover once again why heaven and nature sing. 

About the Author

Hannah Anderson is an author and Bible teacher who lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with her husband, Nathan, and three children. Her books include All That’s Good: Recovering the Lost Art of Discernment and Turning of Days: Lessons from Nature, Season, and Spirit. She also cohosts the Persuasion podcast, which addresses cultural, theological, and more mundane issues from a Christian perspective. Hannah’s goal is to encourage believers to think deeply and broadly about how the gospel transforms every area of life.

Praise For…

“This is a beautiful book in every sense: poetically written, richly illustrated, and thoughtfully conceived. Weaving together the physical meaning of creation with the spiritual meaning of Christmas, Hannah and Nathan Anderson reveal the ways in which Advent is enacted all around us, in pine trees and snowfall, holly and sap. Joy to the world, indeed!” 
-Andrew Wilson, author and teaching pastor at King’s Church London

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ISBN: 9781087776781
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Publication Date: October 11th, 2022
Pages: 176
Language: English