The Jelly Donut Difference: Sharing Kindness with the World (Paperback)

The Jelly Donut Difference: Sharing Kindness with the World By Maria Dismondy Cover Image
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Leah and Dexter are brother and sister but they don't always get along. Will Leah and Dexter learn to put their differences aside and join forces for good? Could small, random acts of kindness in the community really make a big impact for all ages?Find out how the ooey, gooey jelly donuts in this story become a delicious testament to the power of kindness, caring and generosity. Great book with a GREAT LESSON! ★★★★★ “Our 2nd grade class loved this book because it taught us a good lesson about being kind. The story was realistic and we thought of ideas of how we could be kind to others. The book taught us about sharing and caring. We recommend this book for all kids to read.” – Verified Amazon Review The best book for teaching kindness and empathy. The Jelly Donut Difference by award-winning author Maria Dismondy also carries message of sibling rivalry, the power of community and inclusion. This book comes with a free Reader’s Companion, complete with discussion questions, lesson plans and activities for children to go beyond the book. Download your copy direct from the publisher website.

About the Author

Maria Dismondy has been writing children's books for almost a decade. Before that, she was a teacher in the public schools in Michigan. Holding a Masters degree in curriculum and research, Maria knows what type of children's literature is needed in the classroom and home. Maria writes books that empower children with their timeless messages. P.S. Brooks is a YA writer and children's illustrator based in Yorkshire, UK. He is a graduate in Fine Art and works primarily in Photoshop using scanned textures such as pastels, paints, and other media. He has worked in video games and enjoys connecting with other writers and illustrators online.

Praise For…

"This earnest story of being a good sibling, neighbor, and friend may inspire readers to find ways to be generous in their own lives." —Publisher's Weekly

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ISBN: 9780997608502
ISBN-10: 0997608501
Publisher: Cardinal Rule Press
Publication Date: April 1st, 2017
Pages: 32
Language: English