About Us

Orca Books is the largest independent bookstore in Olympia, Washington, located in the heart of downtown's vibrant shopping district. Orca stocks new and used books, cards, and journals, and are proud to carry many locally-produced items by Olympia artists and craftspeople.

Mission Statement: Orca Books Cooperative fosters community education through the support of authors and artists, creating a friendly, open, and safe space, and access to a diverse collection of fiction and non-fiction books. Orca Books will meet this mission through the promotion and sponsorship of events, classes, and workshops, making the Co-op’s top priority to provide a curated selection of used, new, and out-of-print books at affordable prices. The orca whale is an iconic creature, playing a fundamental role in our ecosystem. Orca Books Co-op is similarly iconic and integral to the heart and soul of Olympia.

Orca Books Co-op will strengthen existing partnerships while seeking new ways of collaboration with our growing community. Our customers and staff come from all walks of life, forming a vibrant, supportive, and generous book-loving community. We rejoice in offering a wonderfully eccentric haven for our wonderfully diverse patrons. Orca Books Co-op is dedicated to providing a safer and welcoming space for all and intends to contribute to the Olympia community for many years to come.