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Dolores Maggiore reading on June 22, 6pm

Join us for an evening with Dolores Maggiore, author of the new young adult title, Love and Lechery at Albert Academy.

About the book - Love and Lechery at Albert Academy

In September 1959 Pina’s got only one thing on her mind at the elite Albert Academy: four years of blissful rooming with her heartthrob Katie, pursuing their taboo relationship of the previous summer—only one thing until Pina stumbles over the lecherous Head Mistress Craney, lurking in the hall. Pina and Katie become obsessed with the blood-curdling game of cat and mouse Craney is craftily staging in every nook and cranny, from the fire escape to the bedclothes. Aided by quirky roommates, Pina struggles to elude Craney’s clutches and her sinister machinations when Craney calls Pina’s bluff in a salacious duel of wills. Must Pina submit?

Will the scorned and unrequited Head Mistress expose Pina to her parents, and the eventuality of shock therapy?

Who will banish whom?

This is the second book in the Kate and Pina Mystery series.

About the Author

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dolores Maggiore soon began a search for some place “homier” – some place without the elevated “A” train, without the rattle of the wooden blinds blocking the view through the bedroom window. Dolores roamed through the Maine woods and found a temporary home she would continue to visit in the summer and in her dreams well into adulthood.

She has had poetry published in anthologies as an undergraduate student and reference materials on lesbians and therapy and lesbians and child custody after graduate school. She is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Willamette Writers, and The Golden Crown Literary Society. Dolores, her wife, Xander, the lynx-point cat, and Murphy, the 14 year-old rescue poodle make their home seasonally in NW Oregon and Borrego Springs, CA, hiking, birding, and enjoying nature. (Xander birds from his perch inside the house!)

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