Good Night, Henry

Henry, our beloved store cat, passed away on the evening of February 16th, 2012. He came to us from Feline Friends, a cat shelter on Steamboat Island. When they found him he was living in an old burned out barn and was frequently seen bringing food to a couple of kittens.

He was a little freaked out his first few weeks here, but he quickly made the place his own.  In the four years he lived at Orca he explored every inch of the store and made every surface, however improbable, into a comfy bed for himself, including more than a few pairs of shoulders.  His uniquely sweet personality brightened every day he spent with us, and we can hardly remember what the store was like before he came along.  He is deeply missed.

If you're thinking of adopting a new cat anytime soon, please give Feline Friends a visit. Their website has profiles of many of the cats in their shelter. If you'd like to make some offering in Henry's memory, please consider making a donation.