Upcoming Events

Join us for a discussion with local writer and photographer Jim Burlingame on Friday, August 25th, 2017 at 6pm. Jim will be reading and showing photos from his new book Building Ghosts.

About Building Ghosts:

Building Ghosts pairs up photographs―taken in May 2014―of empty commercial properties in Olympia, Washington, with decades-old, archived photographs of the same places to cast into relief aspects of this capital city that not only are normally hidden in plain sight, but are also probably at play, to varying degrees, in most cities across America. With captions showing how long each location had been empty up until the contemporary photographs were taken and an 11 page Introduction exploring the conclusions that can be drawn from this small case study, Building Ghosts is a beautiful, thought-provoking work. It reminds us that what’s truly supernatural in a city is the way our gaze looks through its ruins as if they’re invisible or, worse, so acceptable that we take them for granted.

Author bio:

Jim Burlingame has written for local and national publications (including eight years with Bitch magazine), when not otherwise engaged with raising a family and enjoying the rich offerings of the Olympia area. For the past 24 years, he’s been deeply involved with many local institutions, ranging from OFS to the Hands On Children’s Museum to a Neighborhood Association and a PTA. His philosophy is “Home is where growth happens with your help".

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